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Treanor apparently lost for season after surgery

Reposted from Mack Avenue Tigers

Matt Treanor came to Detroit known for three things, whose importance tended to be listed in this order.

  1. He's married to beach volleyballer Misty May-Treanor
  2. He plays good defense, making up for the lack of bat. But no one expects the backup catcher to be a hitter anyway.
  3. He frequently caught Dontrelle Willis, so maybe this would help D-Train get untracked.

But after having surgery on his hip -- which unexpectedly apparently turned out to be season-ending as.'s Jason Beck reports -- he risks being known for a fourth thing: fnishing his season (or Tigers' career, as he was under a one-year contract) with a .000 batting line. He finished the season 0-for-13 with a walk. Oh, and he caught Rick Porcello's major league debut.

Dane Sardinha was called up from Triple-A Toledo last week and may end up spending the rest of the season in Detroit. He, too, may as well not bring a bat to the plate, but is known for working with pitchers well and occassionally throwing some runners out.