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Morning Prowl: Bondo's Rehab Start, 132 Pitches, The Rib Cage Thames, and Pending Roster Shuffles

In his second rehab start last night, Jeremy Bonderman pitched six innings, allowing five runs on seven hits. He also had four strikeouts and two walks. Detroit4lyfe was at the game and thinks Bondo actually pitched better than his numbers say. The Spot Starters also has observations from a reader who was in attendance.

(In addition, you can look at Bondo's performance through Gameday, if you want to get an idea of how he was throwing.)

The Detroit Tigers Weblog looks closely at yesterday's eighth inning and wonders if Jim Leyland managed Edwin Jackson responsibly. (And is he handling Justin Verlander in much the same manner?)

Like Billfer, Tiger Geist wonders if Leyland's contract status has any influence on his decision-making process - and his management of the pitching staff.

After yesterday's game, the Tigers activated Magglio Ordonez from the family medical emergency list and sent Wilkin Ramirez back to Triple-A Toledo. At least we got to see Ramirez play some on Wednesday.

While Bondo's rehab stint looks to be nearing its end, Marcus Thames is ready to begin his. He's been taking batting practice and will probably join the Toledo Mud Hens next week. Leyland says Thames needs about 30 at-bats to get ready.

Mack Avenue Tigers tries to figure out how the Tigers' roster will look once Thames and Carlos Guillen return to the team. Is there really a place for them, or does the current roster give Detroit its best chance to win?

I didn't mention it in the recap for Wednesday's game, because it ultimately didn't factor into the outcome, but I feel like I should've written something about the Rangers turning a triple play against the Tigers. So... that happened.

This quote from Leyland seems to confirm any presumptions that calling up Luke French to fill in while Nate Robertson was on the DL was almost entirely Dave Dombrowski's idea.

The Tigers' official MLBlog has photos from MC Hammer's visit to Comerica Park last Friday. My favorite is the one with five players outside the clubhouse.