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Evening Prowl: Dontrelle's Revival, Everett's Family Life, Saluting Umpires, and Hating on Twitter

Now with, Jon Paul Morosi writes about the prospective revival of Dontrelle Willis, not just as a baseball player but as a representative for the sport.

Tiger Geist would love to see the Tigers and San Francisco Giants hook up on a trade. But the Giants really don't have a need for Marcus Thames. (Unless Thames can still play some first base. In which case, I'd also see if the Mets might be interested.)

It's fluffy, but yesterday's Freep ran a feature on Adam Everett and his family life in Michigan. On and off the field, he and the Tigers have been a pretty good fit. So I'll just throw the question out there: Could you see Everett back at shortstop in Detroit next year?'s Jon Heyman says the Tigers are once again a surprising team, but for completely different reasons than last year. It's all about the pitching, baby.

(via Scott Warheit)

Old English D always seems to notice things I miss. (Or her DVR is way cooler than mine.) Did Justin Verlander salute the home plate umpire for a job well done yesterday?

In his minor league report, Lynn Henning takes a look at your Erie Seawolves. Which prospects are really making an impression down in Double-A?

With the Tigers now through a quarter of the season, DesigNate Robertson has some awards to present. Disagree with any of his picks?

Samara was not a fan of FOX Sports Detroit's incorporating Twitter (and Facebook) so heavily into Thursday's Tigers-Rangers telecast. It also appears she is not a fan of the Twitter. Boo, Samela. Boo.

Ken Rosenthal writes that the Colorado Rockies could be facing major changes on the roster and in the dugout. Remind us how they won two games in Detroit over the weekend?