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Miguel Cabrera Second in AL First Base Voting

Apparently, batting .374/.437/.608 with 10 home runs and 37 RBIs (nor a league-leading 37 homers last year) isn't enough to make Miguel Cabrera the leading vote-getter at first base for the American League All-Star team.


The first balloting update is in, and Cabrera stands second among AL first basemen behind Kevin Youkilis of the Red Sox and just ahead of Mark Teixeira of the Yankees. He's the only Tigers player ranked among the top five in balloting at his respective position, probably not a surprise given the injuries and inconsistencies befalling Detroit on offense lately. Still, any hope of Cabrera's stellar second half lingering in voters' memories when balloting began seemed to have dissipated.

This is, quite frankly, an outrage.

It's not like Cabrera is just off to a hot start. As Jason Beck mentions in his article, Miggy had an outstanding second half last season, with a .302/.350/.601 average, with 21 homers and 70 RBIs. Apparently, that didn't leave a lasting impression with voters. (Or those numbers were lost amidst the Tigers' last-place finish.)

Cabrera is 115,000 votes behind Youkilis, according to the balloting totals that were released. And while Youkilis is hardly an undeserving candidate (.373/.479/.661, seven homers, 29 RBIs), he's missed 13 games because of an oblique injury.

But 115,000 votes is not an insurmountable margin to overcome. The people can still put Cabrera in the AL All-Star starting lineup. We don't have to lie down while the Red Sox or Yankees fans get their guy in.

Vote for Miguel Cabrera. Vote early, vote often, vote for your Tiger. Always Vote D.