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Stop me if you've heard this... Twins 7, Tigers 2

Fixed the headline. That'll teach me to start the post before the game ends!

After another game where the Tigers gave up a big inning late, as they were unable to stop the bleeding, the only question on the minds of Tigers fans and broadcasters for a game out of reach: Can Brandon Inge extend his on base streak to 25? The answer? No. He struck out in his final at bat. So on 80s-night in Detroit, the Tigers looked more like the '89 version than the '84.

The Tigers closer their homestand tomorrow when they host the Twins in the back end of this quick two-game series. The good news for optimists? The Tigers haven't been swept this year and seem rally back after losing a lot of series openers.


Edwin Jackson finished the night with seven strikeouts in six innings. (But he did allow seven hits and two walks.) Miguel Cabrera hit a home run into the Twins' bullpen, for his sixth home run and 18th RBI of the season. And that's about it.


The Tigers couldn't keep their opponent from having a crooked inning, yet again. At some point, the pitchers, or the manager, will have to learn how to stop a team from that one big inning, right? Because the way they're doing things, innings that start bad tend to end worse. This is depressingly becoming a signature of the team. ... Also the Tigers managed just four hits and two runs in 7-1/3 innings against Francisco Liriano. He struck out nine. Liriano is good, but he entered the game with a 6.05 ERA. For some reason, Detroit has helped a lot of pitchers with high ERAs turn things around this season.

Turning point

After Cabrera hit a home run in the bottom of the sixth to tie the game at 1-1 and give the Tigers hope, Jackson allowed the first two twins to bat in the seventh on base, one by single, one by walk. Then the next two who came up to bat -- Joe Crede and Michael Cuddyer -- hit a double and a triple, respectively. This is before there was a single out.

Comment of the game

I know this is how I feel, SabreRoseTiger said:

For what it's worth...

One of the things I have to study for for my Pharmaceutics final is rectal suppositories. Kinda fitting.