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Leyland makes moves, unveils new lineup

As I mentioned earlier, the Tigers made some shuffling in their 25-man roster today to address some key problems -- notable outfield defense being horrible, and Carlos Guillen being sore. So the moves today:

  • Carlos Guillen to the 15-day DL
  • Clay Rapada optioned back to Triple-A Toledo
  • Left-handed infielder Jeff Larish recalled from Toledo
  • Left-handed outfielder Clete Thomas called up from Toledo.

The lineup has been shaken up as well. I think this was a good idea by Leyland. Although we know your leadoff batter being able to hit home runs is no problem -- and we saw Curtis Granderson's Cleveland counterpart, Grady Sizemore, is leadoff as well. We know Tigers superslugger Miguel Cabrera wasn't getting enough protection as the cleanup batter, as he could be pitched around to, to get to the injured Guillen, who very well might hit into a double play.

Leyland told reporters:

“We’re trying to shake it up, trying to get something going," Leyland said. "I, obviously, tried to get a little speed up top. One thing I know, there is some energy (at the top). They might run into some outs, but it will be because they’re running.”

Tonight's lineup looks something like this, though I imagine the day-to-day lineup would involve Adam Everett playing at shortstop, rather than Ramon Santiago. What I like about this is the improved defense in the corner outfield spots. Thomas has always been a solid outfielder. What I don't like isThomas batting third, as he has never been real exciting with the bat. I assume Leyland did this to keep the pitcher looking at different sides of the plate, as he's mentioned that as a desire in the past.

  1. Anderson lf (LH)
  2. Polanco 2b (RH)
  3. Thomas rf (LH)
  4. Cabrera 1b (RH)
  5. Granderson cf (LH)
  6. Ordonez dh (RH)
  7. Inge 3b (RH)
  8. Laird c (RH)
  9. Santiago ss (S)

More reading:

So does this stink of desperation to you? Does it make sense? Do you have a better idea? Let's here it.