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BYOBYB: Let's Play Some Catch-Up

This might be a bit of a cop-out, but I got back in from Seattle last night and am still trying to catch up on the pertinent news in Tiger Town. So while I unpack and try to re-acclimate myself to Eastern Standard Time, I figured we'd do a little Open Thread to discuss recent events while I was Tiger-less in Seattle.

Kurt already covered the roster and lineup shuffles from yesterday, but maybe you have some thoughts on what the Tigers' batting order should ultimately look like. Are we really living in a world where Clete Thomas (Cult of Clete arise!) bats third and Curtis Granderson bats fifth? Do you like what Jim Leyland did to shake things up, or might he have acted too drastically?

And how do you feel about how the Tigers are playing overall? Were they disappointing against the Yankees, Indians, and Twins (the series that were played while I was away)? Or do you think they performed respectably?

Thanks again to Kurt for covering for me over the past week. The blog really wouldn't have been any good while I tried to update from Seattle, so I'm glad he kept things updated and fun around here. And if you aren't reading Mack Avenue Tigers regularly, you now know how Kurt likes to roll, so get on over there and check things out.

Okay, I need to do some laundry, but I'll be back later this afternoon. I'm ready to watch some Tigers baseball again. (The Mariners are nice, and I really enjoyed Safeco Field, but that just ain't my team.)