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Morning Prowl: D-Train's Night, Thames's Recovery, Zumaya's Pitch F/X, and Maggs's Concerns

Armando Galarraga will maintain his turn in the starting rotation, despite last night's rainout, and he'll pitch tonight. The White Sox will do the same with Mark Buehrle. Zach Miner loses out, as the Tigers will skip his turn on Friday.

Dontrelle Willis pitched 7.2 innings last night for Triple-A Toledo, holding Pawtucket to two runs and five hits, with four strikeouts and four walks. The D-Train threw 118 pitches, 74 of them for strikes. Kurt wonders if he's ready to return to the Tigers.

Though we already knew that Marcus Thames was likely to be out longer than 15 days, he was eligible to be activated on Monday. However, with him just beginning to swing a short bat under water, it doesn't look like he's returning very soon.

At Baseball Prospectus, Ben Lindbergh looks at Joel Zumaya with Pitch F/X to determine if his various injuries have affected his velocity and tendencies since 2006. Should he be throwing his change-up more often? And would adjusting his mechanics help his walk totals?

Blake notes that pitch counts haven't been a problem for Rick Porcello five starts into his major league career.

A year after Miguel Cabrera and Carlos Guillen switched corners on the Tigers' infield, Lynn Henning looks at the results of those changes, and further moves that have been made since then.

Old English D noticed a key sentence from Jim Leyland regarding Magglio Ordonez and his batting slump. I'm wondering if Leyland should've even said that much, though I realize he's sticking up for his player.

Those hoping for a Humberto Sanchez return to the Tigers organization might be disappointed to learn he's re-signed with the Yankees. He agreed to a minor league deal and has been assigned to Double-A Trenton.

Also at BP, Jay Jaffe has some final winning percentage estimates, based on each team's performance to this point. Tigers fans might be happy with this prediction.