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Has Dontrelle Willis Officially Returned?

  • UPDATE (5:45 p.m.): The Freep reports that Willis will start Wednesday's game in Minnesota.

  • Could the D-Train be arriving a bit sooner than we may have expected? According to the Freep's Jon Paul Morosi, Dontrelle Willis could rejoin the Detroit Tigers in the next few days.

    Willis's minor league rehab assignment was set to end on May 20, but with rainouts and off-days, the next time the fifth starter's turn in the rotation comes up is on May 16. Though Zach Miner is currently working in that role, that could be an ideal time to put Willis back in the rotation.

    After starting last night for Triple-A Toledo, however, Willis was probably set to pitch again on Monday. Will he make one more rehab appearance with the Mud Hens or have the Tigers already decided he'll be joining the team in Cleveland this weekend or during the following series in Minneapolis?

    So if indeed the D-Train is pulling back into Detroit, who heads out to clear a spot on the roster for him? And who would you pick, if you were making the decision?

    (via Mack Avenue Tigers)

    [Edited at 5 p.m. EST]