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Bondo Shut Down; No Throwing For Now

Continuing the All-Bondo afternoon here at BYB, Jason Beck followed up the news of Jeremy Bonderman's move to the 15-day disabled list with the revelation that his shoulder is sore enough that he'll be shut down over the next few days.

The soreness cropped up after Bonderman's outing on Monday night and hasn't cleared up since then. That raised enough concern among the team's training staff to send Bondo to Dr. James Andrews in Alabama for an exam today. But no structural damage was found.

Here's more from Beck:

His exam showed nothing that would warrant surgery, but what head athletic trainer Kevin Rand called "normal wear and tear."

Basically, Rand said, whenever Bonderman tries to get extension on his arm, including reaching for more velocity, the arm starts to bark. It also happens after he starts to get tired.

So it wasn't just your imagination if you thought Bondo didn't look ready on Monday night. And moving him to the DL wasn't just an effort to buy some more time and get a more experienced reliever on the roster for Interleague Play. Physically, Bonderman really wasn't ready, and his body decided to remind him of that after he pushed it.

In the meantime, Bonderman will rejoin the team in Pittsburgh this weekend (and might accompany the Tigers to St. Louis after that) and work with the trainers on a suitable recovery and rehabilitation plan. Until that soreness clears up, however, no throwing for Bondo.