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Dual Threat Porcello: Tigers 3, Pirates 1

Maybe the headline should read "Rick Porcello 2, Pittsburgh Pirates 1." With the Tigers' offense still struggling to score runs, the rookie took advantage of playing in a National League ballpark, and seized the opportunity to help himself.

Looking surprisingly comfortable with the bat (he's only two years removed from playing shortstop in high school), Porcello smacked two hits off Ian Snell and drove in two runs. That was really all the offense he needed, against a Pirates lineup that didn't pose much of a threat. (Without help from the umpire, that is. More on that later.) Miguel Cabrera looked as if his hamstring was feeling fine, helping out with several nice defensive plays at first base. And Brandon Inge gave Porcello a bit more cushion, with an eighth-inning homer off the first pitch he saw from John Grabow.

And after his second two-game winless streak of the season, Porcello quickly gets back on the winning track. The first time, he went on to win five straight games. Can he string another bunch of wins together again?


Is Inge getting his power stroke back? That's two home runs in his last four games.


We usually save these for the players, but really the only mistake of the night was by second base umpire Gerry Davis, who blew a call on a stolen base by Nyjer Morgan. Morgan was out, as Gerald Laird made a good throw to beat him, and Placido Polanco made the tag in time. Davis, however, didn't see it, though he appeared to be in position to make the correct call. That ended up costing the Tigers a run, as Morgan scored on a double by Freddy Sanchez. That was the only offense the PIrates could generate, however.

Comment of the Night:

Porcello's gonna be hanging out around the batting cage

giving out tips

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