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BYOBYB: Off-Day Open Thread

Okay, who needs an off-day? This is "BYOBYB," the off-day open thread where you can chat about anything you'd like: The Tigers, Major League Baseball, Detroit sports, movies, TV, food, Memorial Day travel plans, etc.

The Tigers are still a first-place team, but that three-game lead over Minnesota is looking pretty shaky, with the lineup not producing much offense and 2/5 of the starting rotation a gaping question mark. Obviously, there's plenty to talk about there. I would, however, like to pose another question that I think we need to answer as a community.

Rally Squirrel or no Rally Squirrel?

Is that furry varmint a curse upon our favorite baseball team or the embodiment of our hopes and dreams? (I also ask you to consider the thought and work that explosivo2k2 put into creating the Rally Squirrel photos and graphics.)

The rest of the afternoon belongs to you, BYB Bunch. Bring it.

P.S. Have you said hello in The BYB Introduce Yourself Open Thread yet?