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Comments Count... Shattered! (Shadoobie!)

With last night's two overflow threads, explosivo2k2 was wondering if we broke the previous high for comments in a GameThread. I woke up the BYB research team early on a Saturday morning, and sent them into the archives (lots of boxes) to do some snooping around. (You can get a lot done with donuts and coffee.) And they came back with some (unscientific) results.

As far as we can tell, the previous high for comments was a combined 1217, during Dontrelle Willis's start on May 13 at Minnesota. I was an English major, so stay with me here, but I believe that's less than the 1632 comments the BYB Bunch racked up last night. (Put 'em on the board!)

Maybe those kinds of numbers are routine (or lesser) than some of the larger SB Nation communities that have been established. But when I took over this site in 2007, I would've done some degrading, depraved things to get 25 comments in a GameThread. The first time we got 100, I was ecstatic. So to reach this level is mind-blowing. And extremely gratifying.

Each day, I'm more grateful for the kind of community we've built here (and continue to build). Thanks to each one of you who makes a point to stop by each day, who have spread word to others, and who take a chunk out of your evenings to spend a few hours with some fellow Tigers fans to watch the game among friends. You guys truly rock.

I must go now, because there appears to be something in my eye. Gettin' misty in here.