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Alan Trammell Peeks at The Corner

If you haven't seen this elsewhere this morning (or last night), Alan Trammell visited the site of the now-demolished Tiger Stadium before heading over to Comerica Park to work as Lou Piniella's bench coach with the Chicago Cubs.

(Apologies for not being able to provide a better - or larger - photo. We only have the images and tools available to SB Nation through its agreement with the AP.)

I'd be curious what you guys think of a former Tigers great dashing out of his agent's car and looking at his former ballpark through a hole in the fence. It kind of bothers me that circumstances have reduced Trammell (or any other former Tiger, for that matter) to this, though I'm sure he's had plenty of other chances to say goodbye to Tiger Stadium and the infield where he played for 20 seasons. (And I'm sure he was pressed for time, given his duties with the Cubs.)

But there's an element of sadness to this image that I can't quite shake.

Tom Gage has more in today's Detroit News, part of the media throng that accompanied Trammell to the old ballpark.