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Magglio Ordonez Loses the Long Hair

The old legend about Samson said he'd lose his strength if he cut off his hair. Magglio Ordonez, however, seems to have already lost his extra-base strength. So I guess he figured he might as well get a haircut.

Ladies and gentleman, courtesy of FOX Sports Detroit's Twitter account, the new, clean-cut Maggs:

Here's more from Jason Beck.

Given how hot it is today, if I was carrying around those kinds of locks, I'd shear 'em off too. But I salute Maggs on this one. This is what we men do in trying times, when a change is necessary to shake things up. Sometimes, we grow beards. If we're younger, maybe we grow mohawks or shave our heads. Magglio went for a cleaner, more mature look.

I just hope metro Detroit landfills don't fill up too fast with those long, curly Maggs wigs. That could cause a tangle.

UPDATE: Maggs's wife made the call on the haircut, according to's Steve Kornacki. And here's a funny exchange from the clubhouse:

Ordonez caused quite a stir walking into the clubhouse, and a teammate shouted, "He looks like (Armando) Galarraga!"

Asked about that, Galarraga smiled and said, "They are trying to say he looks good."