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Morning Prowl: Free Agents to Be, Maggs's Hair History, Dropping a Contract, and Votto's Anxiety

Lynn Henning looks at the free agent decisions the Tigers will face in the offseason. And in the process, he credits the great work done by Eddie Bajek on determining Type A and B free agent status. (Eddie is also on Twitter, if you'd like to follow him.)

My prediction? Adam Everett will be the only one of the four free agents to-be that will return to the Tigers next season.

In detailing the history of Magglio Ordonez's hair growth in Detroit, Samara has created a collage that would make a great poster.

Curtis Granderson is taking reader questions for his next post at Big League Stew. Grandy would prefer non-baseball queries for his Q&A, apparently.

I'm hoping he can help me choose a good whole wheat pasta (there are so many!) or tell me if I'd look stupid wearing an Under Armour headband while working out.

Mack Avenue Tigers plays a game MLB Trade Rumors started the other day: If you could drop one contract from the Tigers' payroll right now, which would it be? Check out Kurt's choice, and chime in with your own thoughts.

If you're in the mood for some national perspective, Newsday's Ken Davidoff looks at the Tigers' turnaround from last season, and the role defense and pitching has played in that rebound.

J. Ellet Lambie's new Tigers blog is now up and running at Fanball. Please stop over at Eye of the Tigers, and give John the good push he deserves.

Wondering how a "Moneyball" movie might turn out (if it ever gets made)? Fanhouse took a look at one version of the script (which can now be found online) by Steven Zaillian.

Tiger Geist wonders if making a run in 2009 (and thus possibly overspending) will come back to haunt the Tigers in 2010.

We may never learn the whole story behind Dontrelle Willis's anxiety disorder, especially if he stays away from the team while on the disabled list. (Or has he been in the dugout? I don't recall seeing him lately.)

But the Reds' Joey Votto revealed the causes behind his struggles with anxiety, and I think anyone who's been through what he's had to endure over the past year might be able to relate.