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Talking Tigers on the Radio

Yesterday, I appeared on WSGW (790 AM) in Saginaw to chat with our old friend Pat Johnston about the suddenly resurgent Detroit Tigers. (You might remember Pat had me on his old sports talk show a couple of times during the offseason.) Of course, the Tigers' recent play is a timely story, but I'm betting Pat also wanted a break from the news of the day (yesterday morning, that was Gov. Mark Sanford's indiscretions).

A winning local baseball team is like opening the window to bring in a breeze.

So just how are these Tigers winning these ballgames? Who's been a surprise? Who's been disappointing? That's mostly what Pat and I talked about, along with discussing what improvements they could make in the weeks to come as they make what appears to be a solid playoff run. (Oh, and Pat also made an observation about the occasional mood in our GameThreads.)

Thanks again to Pat for inviting me onto the radio again. I always enjoy talking to him. (And I apologize for knocking him off balance with one of my comments during our conversation.

You can listen to an embedded audio clip below or download the file from the accompanying link.