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Carlos Guillen Now Throwing Pain-Free

If you didn't catch it over the weekend, one bit of news kind of snuck in under the radar regarding Carlos Guillen. Jason Beck reported on his blog that Guillen began throwing late last week, and is scheduled to start hitting off a tee beginning today.

Head trainer Kevin Rand explained Guillen's current regimen to Beck:

Guillen, sidelined since early May with inflammation in his right shoulder, is making three sets of 25 throws each at 45 feet. According to Rand, he's feeling good and throwing without any restrictions.

"We're in the pain-free stage," Rand said. "It's now a question of addressing the [arm] strength."

Does this mean Guillen could be back on the field by July, as his agent speculated last week? It's surely too early to say for certain, but Beck says Guillen will likely be in Detroit to continue his rehab when the Tigers return next Monday.