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Video: Wild Squirrel Chase at Comerica Park

It was only a matter of time before video of last night's wild squirrel chase at Comerica Park showed up on the internet. Red Sox Monster just sent over a clip that they posted. (And fortunately, it's from the FOX Sports Detroit broadcast.) As Dan shares with us, so shall we share with you:

There's also video at the Tigers official site, along with Jason Beck's entertaining account of the squirrel chase. (The varmint was eventually corralled in the Red Sox dugout.)

This might have to become a new scoreboard game at Comerica Park between innings. Another possibility, like other baseball teams having sausage, hot dog, or Presidents races, the Tigers could have three people dress up in giant squirrel outfits and have them race around the field. Or we should just make the squirrel an unofficial mascot. Rally Squirrel, anyone?