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Edwin Jackson Gets Some Runs: Tigers 5, Indians 1

Unlike his past few starts, Edwin Jackson didn't have to go into the later innings wondering if he'd ever get enough runs from his lineup to get a win. The Tigers put up three runs in the second inning, pouncing on a scoring opportunity when Cliff Lee gave up singles to the first two batters he faced.

That's all Jackson needed, as he pitched what's become his usual fine game. Over seven innings, he allowed just one run and four hits, adding four strikeouts and two walks. His only blemish was a solo homer served up to Ryan Garko in the fifth inning, on what was a pretty good inside fastball.

Okay, it wasn't perfect. After those four hits in the second, Detroit didn't get another hit until the eighth. Marcus Thames made sure that hit count, however, reaching out over the plate to pull a hanging slider from Joe Smith over the left field fence for a two-run homer. And with that, the Tigers scored more runs for Jackson than they had in six of his last seven starts.

Might Jackson have looked over to that opposing dugout and felt any sympathy for Lee? It's not like he pitched a bad game, giving up three runs and five hits in seven innings, with eight strikeouts. But tonight, Lee was the one who couldn't get any run support. In two starts against the Indians this season, Jackson has allowed one run and nine hits in 14 innings, with 11 strikeouts and three walks.


Has Glass Joel reared his fragile head again? Joel Zumaya threw just two pitches to Asdrubal Cabrera before a cut on his right thumb forced him to leave the game. No word yet on how serious the cut is, or whether it may have developed before he came in to pitch.

Comment of the Night:

Okay, if you were in tonight's GameThread, you know what the COTN really was (and boy, am I sorry for opening that door), but I can't post that on the front page. Not that this wasn't a deserving choice.

Would you rather

have Thames hit a two run homer making this a non-save situation or go scoreless in the eighth making this a save situation for Rodney (which seems to be the only situation he pitches well in).

by tigerfaninChicago