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Porcello to Be Held Back Until July 21?

Rick Porcello's recess will apparently continue through the Tigers' first series after the All-Star break.

According to the Freep, Luke French will start Detroit's first game once regular season play resumes, taking the mound at Yankee Stadium. And it appears that Edwin Jackson and Justin Verlander will start the other two games of that series, though it hasn't been determined who will pitch which game. (Does that mean they're going back-to-back in the rotation again?) The following Monday is an off-day.

So will Porcello start against Seattle when the Tigers return to Detroit on July 21? Or would Armando Galarraga get that spot? Conceivably, Porcello could be held back until the 24th (as was originally speculated when Porcello's turn was getting skipped), when the Tigers will probably also have to call up a spot starter to pitch one of two games in that day's twi-night doubleheader.

Either way, Porcello will have received at least 16 days off since his last start, which was July 5 versus Minnesota. That should give young Rick plenty of time to update his new blog. (Oh, and keep his innings down, of course.)

UPDATE (2:30 p.m.): According to Mike Scott, writing for, Armando Galarraga will start the first game of the Seattle series, with Porcello pitching on July 22. Leyland will also decide by then how Verlander and Jackson will line up in the starting rotation. (Thanks to Kurt for pointing this out.)