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Pick an All-Time Tigers Home Run Derby

With the All-Star Home Run Derby taking place tonight, along with Brandon Inge's participation in the event, I thought we might try something inspired by something I heard a few weeks on the On the DL podcast.

The hosts, Dan Levy and Nick Tarnowski, picked their own Home Run Derby rosters, with players throughout the history of baseball they'd have liked to see compete in the event. (Sorry, Dan - I can't remember which episode that was in, or I'd provide a link.)

Keeping that in mind, if you had to pick select eight Detroit Tigers to compete in a Home Run Derby, who would you pick? Who have been your favorite Tigers sluggers in your lifetime of Tigers fandom? Kaline, Greenberg, Horton, Parrish, Evans, Tettleton, Fielder, Cabrera... there are a lot of names (and eras) to choose from.

Would you pit the old-timers against the more current players? Would you prefer to see the Derby at Tiger Stadium or Comerica Park? But most importantly, who would win an All-Time Tigers Home Run Derby?