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I'll Take "Tigers Fantasy Trades For Roy Halladay," Alex

Is it possible that the price tag for Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Roy Halladay (the starting pitcher for the American League in tonight's All-Star Game) isn't as steep as virtually everyone following baseball thought it would be? That's what Steve Kornacki's reporting for tells us:

According to a source familiar with the Blue Jays' needs, they want a young shortstop and a back-of-the-rotation starter in a package for Halladay. Detroit qualifies as a suitor for those needs, with deeper starting pitching than most and three quality shortstop prospects in International League All-Star Brent Dlugach, Cale Iorg (son of former Blue Jays infielder Garth Iorg) and Danny Worth.

Remember that episode of Cheers when Cliff Clavin wins an appearance on Jeopardy! and the categories are "Civil Servants," "Stamps From Around the World," "Mothers and Sons," "Beer," and "Celibacy"? (Here's a video clip to refresh your memory or make the reference clear.) It was Cliff's "dream board," with every category set right in his wheelhouse.

That's kind of how this list of needs, if true, looks for Dave Dombrowski. What are the positions of strength in the Detroit Tigers' minor league organization? Okay, there's not a top-shelf starting pitching prospect in the system right now, but they have several good ones. And middle infield might be the Tigers' deepest resource right now.

I find it impossible to believe that the first names out of J.P. Ricciardi's mouth wouldn't be "Rick Porcello," "Ryan Perry," or "Wilkin Ramirez." And if he didn't get either one of those players from Detroit in return for possibly the best pitcher in baseball, the Blue Jays' ownership should strongly consider dropping their GM from the top of the CN Tower into a fiery pit of knives, spikes, and broken glass.

But the Tigers aren't listed among the presumed top contenders for Halladay. And as we all know, an established bat is probably higher on the team's list of needs. However, there are some players you have to at least inquire about because they would undoubtedly make your team better. That was Mike Ilitch's thinking back in the winter of 2007 about Miguel Cabrera, remember?

(Thanks to MacRae for posting these links in the comments of today's Morning Prowl.)