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Jon Paul Morosi, Victim of Poor Photoshopping, Picks Tigers to Win AL Central

Former Freep Tigers beat writer Jon Paul Morosi talked to one of his old colleagues and predicts that Detroit will win the AL Central:

Yes, I think they are going to win the division. I don't think it's going to be easy. But I think they have the most talent. Note: They had two starting pitchers on the All-Star team. They have a chance to win three out of every five games they play, as long as the offense is somewhat consistent.

Morosi also believes Miguel Cabrera will have to drive in more runs and that the White Sox will be the Tigers' closest competition in the division.

But the main reason I want to bring this up is the picture they're running at of Morosi. What the hell is that?

Who did the cropping on that head shot? (Is "cropping" even the correct term for this?) Did Morosi say he wanted to look thinner? Was this some failed attempt at artistic expression? Did Morosi tick off one of the web guys, and this is his way of getting revenge? Is the Freep bitter about losing him to It's awful. They made the poor guy look like a burn victim.