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BYOBYB: Off-Day Open Thread

Once again, we find ourselves asking: What a difference a week makes, eh? The tumultuous nature of this Detroit Tigers team continues to frustrate and astound. Last Thursday, this team looked fantastic. Top o' the world, Ma! Now, the lineup can't score any runs again. And the possibility of being tied for first place in the AL Central with the Twins after this weekend seems terrifyingly real.

Welcome to "BYOBYB," the off-day open thread where you can chat about anything you'd like: Your Detroit Tigers, Major League Baseball, Detroit sports, movies, TV, food, Fourth of July weekend plans, etc.

Possible topics for the afternoon? Well, it's up to you, of course, but here are a few icebreakers:

  • Lots of talk about the need to release Magglio Ordonez in the comments to our last post. Are the Tigers finally at the point of no return with this?
  • BYB HQ is probably going to take a field trip to see "Transformers" this afternoon. Is it just an assault on the senses? And is it really two-and-a-half hours long? Will we regret giving up that much of our lives to fighting robots? (Or does that last question just not compute?)
  • A new FanPost has a suggestion for an outfielder Detroit should consider pursuing. But he has a past that could give the Tigers pause. Worth the chance?
  • Better holiday cookout food: Hamburgers or hot dogs? Or is that a choice we just shouldn't ask you to make? (We're not sure we can choose, either.)
  • Also worth your time is another FanPost about the Tigers' payroll, and how it's not quite the landfill of wasted money that it might appear to some. It's kind of a long read, but there's some fine analysis for you.
  • Has anyone listened to "Wilco {the album)" yet? That is also on today's agenda at BYB HQ.
  • Some of you might remember a GameThread from last weekend digressing into a discussion about books. Kurt has demanded requested that we pick up that conversation again, which sounds like a great idea to me. What are you reading now? Who/what are some of your favorites?

Did we miss any other Tigers-related topics? It kind of feels like we did. In the time since typing out this list, we may have talked ourselves out of "Transformers" and into "Public Enemies." The final decision might not be made until arriving at the theater, as the showtimes are pretty close to one another. Anyway, the thread belongs to you, BYB Bunch! Bring it!

P.S. Have you said hello in The BYB Introduce Yourself Open Thread yet?