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The Carlos Guillen Hokey Pokey

They put Carlos Guillen in, they took Carlos Guillen out. They put Carlos Guillen back in, and shook him all about. The Detroit Tigers did the hokey pokey and turned themselves around, trying to figure out what Guillen's shoulder injury is all about.

Earlier in the day, the Tigers raised eyebrows by recalling Guillen from his rehab assignment, but not activating him. That led to speculation that the team was putting the minor league turn on hold so his sore shoulder could be examined back in Detroit.

Just hours later, however, this appears to have been much ado about nothing. Well, sort of. The Tigers did bring Guillen back home to look at his shoulder. But it appears to have checked out satisfactorily. As a result, the rehab assignment is back on schedule.

Guillen will report to Toledo, after all, and should play with the Mud Hens on Wednesday. (So was he officially recalled or not? Or was there even anything official about it?) And according to Jason Beck, he'll have 11 days remaining on his minor league convalescence before the Tigers have to decide whether or not to activate him. (Beck thinks a decision will be made sooner than that, however.)

Mark Snyder's report in the Freep says Jim Leyland might have more information on Guillen in his post-game meeting with the media.