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BYB Funhouse: Fill in the Caption!

We know 'Duk over at Big League Stew isn't a fan of the hip bump celebration among outfielders after a hard-fought victory.

And yes, it would probably be more fun if more teams showed some creativity and came up with a different sort of celebratory gesture, such as the Brewers have done with their jersey untuck. (There's probably a cooler term for that.)

But the joy that men express when they have accomplished something in their chosen vocation, when they have vanquished a particular foe, can often lead to unbridled expressions of jubilation and affection. And when those moments are captured on film photographically, especially in the sports we love, sharing them can only help to spread the good sensations.

That brings us to the accompanying image of Curtis Granderson and Clete Thomas celebrating the end of a slugfest with the Seattle Mariners with a victorious outcome. But it needs a caption. Do with it what you will. Have fun with it. Make it your own. (Well, as much as one can, with licensing and copyright issues.) We have some ideas, but would prefer to leave it to the BYB Bunch.

And with that, we end a post that was written longer just to make sure there wasn't a bunch of white space to the left of the photo. (Where was the "landscape" template when it was really needed?)