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The Bonine Identity: Friday's Game 2 Starter

The Tigers' starting pitcher for the second game of Friday's doubleheader against the White Sox has now been identified. As many expected (and reported by Jason Beck), Eddie Bonine will get the call up from Toledo.

This season with the Mud Hens, Bonine has a 2-4 record and 4.67 ERA, with 33 strikeouts and 11 walks in 69.1 innings. He was with the Tigers at the beginning of the season, giving up eight runs in eight innings in a long relief role, but was eventually sent down to Triple-A when Joel Zumaya was activated in late April.

It's not the flashiest move, but I don't know if there was really one to make, outside of giving Luis Marte the nod, but since he pitched on Monday, a Friday start would come on short rest. Also, Marte's not on the Tigers' 40-man roster, which would've made such a transaction a bit more complicated.

What happens after Bonine pitches on Friday night? Billfer speculates that Carlos Guillen might be activated for Saturday's game, once Bonine is sent back to Toledo. That seems to work out perfectly.

(Thanks to Kurt for mentioning this in the comments of today's Morning Prowl)