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Incon-seay-vable: Mariners 2, Tigers 1

This photo is actually from last night's game, but I don't think anyone would argue that it applies painfully well to tonight's outcome.

Armando Galarraga threw quite possibly his best game of the season (certainly the best he's looked since April), allowing just one hit into the eighth inning. But then Bobby Seay had to hang a slider out over the plate for Russell Branyan to launch into the right-field seats. Crushing.

Of course, we can cue the familiar sad song of a Tigers lineup that could score only one run. Granted, Felix Hernandez has done that to plenty of teams. But Detroit had a chance to tag some runs on King Felix in the first inning with two runners on and no outs. But two straight strikeouts and a shallow fly-out squandered yet another early scoring opportunity.

Between that limp offense and a reliever who's given up two runs in his last 2.1 innings, a night in which Galarraga out-pitched one of the best starters in the American League was completely wasted.


Was this the figurative final nail in the coffin for Josh Anderson's Tigers career? No one blew more chances to drive runners home tonight. Twice, he came up with multiple runners on, and failed to get a hit. For the night, he went 0-for-4 and left five runners on base.

We know Anderson is out of minor league options. How about taking the risk (and how much of one can it possibly be at this point) that no other team is going to claim a speedster who can't use his speed because his OBP is .282. And once Anderson clears waivers, send him to the minors, and give his at-bats to someone who can make more of a contribution.

Comment of the Night:

Armando just told EJ and JV:

Algunos no necesitan "run support"

by NCDee