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Dave Dombrowski, You Have J.P. Ricciardi on Line Two

Over in Toronto, any cell phone conversation Blue Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi has these days is going to attract attention from nearby media. After all, he's got the proverbial belle of the trade deadline ball in Roy Halladay. But in a sidebar anecdote, Jesse Campigotto of CBC Sports noted a call that might be of some interest to Detroit Tigers fans:

During batting practice before Wednesday's game, Ricciardi was overheard on his cellphone asking for Dave Dombrowski, his counterpart with the Detroit Tigers. When asked about the call, Ricciardi said it was "Not about Roy Halladay. Something else."

Campigotto speculates the subject of the call could be Marco Scutaro, who's in demand from teams looking for shortstop help. In the Tigers' case, however, Scutaro could be more likely to fill in at third base, where he's played 98 games over his career.

Scutaro is in the midst of his best offensive season. After yesterday's two-homer, four-RBI outburst versus the Indians, he's batting .286/.384/.430 with eight home runs and 43 RBIs.

Oh, and why "Line Two" in the headline? Because Dombrowski's working Billy Beane for Matt Holliday on Line One, of course.

(via Motown Sports on Twitter)