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Got That Guillen Feelin': Tigers 4, White Sox 3

So how are you feeling about those Detroit Tigers right now? Thursday, it was looking kind of bleak. Not a lot of happiness or optimism in Tiger Town. Two days and three games later, this team is doing something.

For approximately seven innings, however, that familiar dread, the frustration of watching a team that can't score enough runs was setting in. The Tigers pounced on a scoring opportunity with runners on second and third and one out. Miguel Cabrera and Carlos Guillen drove home the runs and gave Detroit a 2-0 lead. The offense stalled from there, unfortunately, knocking out five hits but failing to get a runner past second base.

That is, until the ninth.

Facing Bobby Jenks (who's had 20 saves vs. the Tigers), down by one run, it wasn't looking good. Especially when Ryan Raburn struck out to begin the inning. But Brandon Inge singled on the next pitch. Marcus Thames followed two pitches later with a pinch-hit single. After Ramon Santiago popped out, Curtis Granderson fell behind 0-2. But Jenks threw inside once again with that third pitch and got it up in the zone, which Grandy pulled down the right-field line for a game-tying double. That's only the third save Jenks has blown against Detroit.

Fernando Rodney pitched a scoreless tenth, thanks largely to A.J. Pierzynski grounding into a double play on a first-pitch change-up. And that gave the Tigers a chance for some walk-off heroics, for which D.J. Carrasco was generously accommodating. Clete Thomas and Cabrera both smacked sliders into left field for singles. Carrasco kept throwing that pitch against Guillen, however, who fouled off three of them. But Guillen finally got a fastball, which he bounced up the middle to bring home Thomas for the game-winner.


The middle of the order - Thomas, Cabrera, and Guillen - hit a combined 6-for-13 with three RBIs. Two of those runs were driven in by Guillen, who batted 2-for-5.

Ryan Perry also pitched an important two scoreless innings. He allowed a single to Scott Podsednik, but Gerald Laird wiped him out as he tried to steal second. And a two-out walk to Alexei Ramirez didn't matter, as Perry got Jermaine Dye to ground out and keep the White Sox lead at one.

Comment of the Day:

The white sux just got Guilen-tined!

by ahtrap