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Was Today's Mariners-Pirates Trade a Precursor to Another Deal?

So I'm little behind on the MLB trade news of the day, having been nowhere near a computer since about 7 a.m. (I actually thought the Tigers would surely make a deal while I was on internet silence, since that seems to be my curse as a sports blogger.)

But after looking over the deal that the Mariners made with the Pirates this afternoon, I wonder if it could be a precursor to another trade, perhaps with the Tigers.

First of all, if you didn't see the particulars, Pittsburgh traded shortstop Jack Wilson (who I almost want to think of as a honorary Tiger, given how often he was rumored to go to Detroit) and pitcher Ian Snell to Seattle for five players, including shortstop Ronny Cedeno and first baseman Jeff Clement.

Clement is the name that makes me raise an eyebrow. And this is complete and total speculation on my part. But it's that time of year, there don't seem to be many rumblings going on with the Tigers at the moment (though that could certainly change as I'm writing this), and I want to post something on the site before tonight's game. So here we go: I wonder if Seattle might consider replacing Clement in their organization with Jeff Larish.

Both Lynn Henning and the Seattle Times's Geoff Baker have written today that the Tigers could be interested in pitcher Jarrod Washburn. We got a first-hand look at Washburn last week in Detroit, when he held the Tigers to two hits in seven innings. Last night, he followed that up with another exceptional start at home vs. the Blue Jays, allowing just one run in another seven innings of work. As a result, Baker thinks Washburn is as "good as gone."

And both writers point out that Larish was almost traded to the Mariners last December, as part of a package for J.J. Putz. Now that Seattle's Triple-A team is short a power-hitting, left-handed first baseman/designated hitter, perhaps they need another one to replace him. (Yes, Clement has also played some at catcher, which Larish doesn't, but 70 of his 92 games this season have been at DH.)

Baker said Larish's name came up with the people he talked to (he didn't say whether they were with the Mariners or Tigers), and there still seems to be some interest on Seattle's part:

Why would the M's want him? He's got serious home run power. Sort of like a young Russell Branyan. Yeah, the M's have Mike Carp in Class AAA. But he's more of a doubles-guy in terms of pure power. Nothing wrong with using one as a DH and another as a first baseman though. An interesting scenario.

Detroit would have to give up more, of course. Last December's trade rumors also had the Mariners interested in Wilkin Ramirez or Casper Wells. I think it'd be crazy to give up Ramirez for a pitcher, of course. Not to mention one in the final year of his contract. So I doubt the Tigers would do that. But I'm just noting that the Mariners have looked at Ramirez before.

And there it is. See if that sticks to the wall.