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Celebrate the Run Parade!

Hardly an original thought here, but that was more like it. Isn't this baseball thing so much more fun when your team scores some runs? (And flexes some muscle, with four home runs.) 13 is, what, a week's worth of offense for the Detroit Tigers these days?

(13 is also the number of strikeouts Justin Verlander had, tying a career-high.)

Any chance the Tigers could bring along Scott Feldman as their personal pitcher, like the batters in the Home Run Derby did? We like that guy! He's exciting.

Full recap tomorrow, when we're a bit more awake and ready to look at the awesomeness that is tonight's boxscore.

Comment of the Night?

Posted just as the game got started, folks:

I want a blowout

We deserve it.

by demondeaconsbaseball

Lots of good ones tonight, though, so we might have a different one in the full recap. Again, when we're more awake. That was a long one. (That's what I said. HAR.)