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What Do Bill Simmons and Keith Law Think of the Tigers?

We're not sure how many people are in the office today, but if you're looking for something to listen to while stuck at work or during your holiday road trip, we recommend the latest episode of The B.S. Report with Bill Simmons podcast. Bill chats with Keith Law about the baseball season thus far, and a few Detroit Tigers-related items come up during the conversation.

  • Law counts the Tigers among the "clear" buyers at the trade deadline, along with the Red Sox, Yankees, Rays, Angels, and Rangers.
  • Both Law and Simmons love Edwin Jackson.
  • If you're still wondering why the Tigers struggled against the A's, Law thinks highly of their young pitchers, such as Brett Anderson.
  • The best AL rookie pitcher isn't Rick Porcello or David Price, but... Ricky Romero. (You might remember him from the Tigers' third game of the season.)
  • Neither Law nor Simmons are big believers in the Tigers, but concede that they might be the best team in the AL Central. (Though Simmons thinks Detroit will be under .500 by the end of the season.)
  • Law, however, appears not to have watched Armando Galarraga in quite a while, and is called out on that by Simmons.
  • Both Law and Simmons hate Fernando Rodney.

The two also discuss Cuban pitcher Aroldis Chapman, who came up in yesterday's Off-Day Open Thread. We're a little bit disappointed the two didn't talk a little bit about cooking, since it's a big part of Law's personal blog. (He writes a lot about books as well, for those who enjoyed yesterday's off-day step into literary discussion.)

You can listen to the podcast directly from the Podcenter page, or download it to your computer and MP3 player of choice.