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BYB Flash Poll: Magglio's Last Stand?

A dark could seems to be following the Detroit Tigers around right now, and it's hovering over Magglio Ordonez. Since returning from his "indefinite" hiatus, Maggs is 5-for-28 at the plate (.179), which has dropped his season batting line to .260/.330/.333. He has three extra-base hits in his last 28 games. And he's about halfway to reaching the 570 plate appearances that would trigger the $18 million contract option for next season.

I can't speak for the fanbase entirely, but there's a prevailing feeling in the Tigers blogosphere (or as we like to call it, "Tigersosphere") that Maggs is approaching his final days in the Old English D.

With the All-Star break just over a week away, this weekend's series in Minnesota could be Ordonez's last stand if he doesn't make a respectable showing. (Or perhaps the team will hold off until after the next six-game homestand, which might give the fans a chance to cheer on Maggs and thank him for what he's done for the Tigers one last time.)

So what do you think will happen? What do you expect to see? Please vote in the attached poll, and offer any opinions you have on the matter (or elaborations on the two poll choices) in the comments.