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Lunchtime Prowl: Miggy's Future in Detroit, Interest in Josh Anderson, and Should Polanco Be Back?

Don't you try to manage our expectations, Dave Dombrowski. "Not much going on," he says. Double-D's trying that reverse psychology thing on us, right? Right?

Is Lynn Henning being mistreated in the Tigers' clubhouse these days? Suddenly, he thinks everyone should be traded. Last week, it was Curtis Granderson. This week, he envisions the day when the Tigers have to give up Miguel Cabrera. (And that's not even mentioning the "Release Magglio" drum he's been beating since last winter.)

Henning must love what the Cleveland Indians are doing.

Take 75 North looks at the Tigers' starting pitching prospects, lending some insight into why Casey Crosby might be considered an untouchable in this year's trade market.

Are the Yankees really interested in Josh Anderson? That's the current scuttlebutt. Apparently, the Yanks see Anderson as a fill-in while Brett Gardner recovers from a broken thumb. Have they looked at his hitting stats?

Jim Leyland mentioned another team is also interested, but wouldn't specify. (Tom Gage thinks it could be the Royals.) So are we to assume that the Tigers wouldn't be able to get Anderson through waivers now?

The Daily Fungo thinks the Tigers should keep Placido Polanco around for at least one more year, using him in sort of a utility role as a mentor to Scott Sizemore.

Mike also brought up Polanco playing some third base, which reminded me of something I've been wanting to write about for a while: Why is Polanco never considered to play at third base? He's played 322 games at third over his career (though only one with the Tigers). For at least two seasons with St. Louis (albeit back in 2001-02), he was the Cardinals' starting third baseman.

Does he not like playing over there? Is his arm strength deemed unsuitable for the position? I'm just curious because it seems like Polanco could help out right now. has a list of "under-the-radar trade targets" that playoff contenders should be looking at. Is it safe to say that the Tigers would be interested in every one of these guys? (Freddy Sanchez is off the table now, of course.)

What might Ty Cobb's diary look like? Beefshower has returned from his self-imposed exile and shares an excerpt with us at Mickey Tettleton Memorial Overpass.

If Aubrey Huff is one of the bats you're hoping the Tigers pursue, they don't appear to be showing much interest. No teams are showing much interest in Huff, according to the Baltimore Sun.

With Casey Fien making his second appearance for the Tigers last night (three strikeouts, two hits, and one run in an inning of work), that gives us a chance to link to Fire Jim Leyland's (since revised) look at Fien and his three-pitch repertoire through Pitch F/X.'s Jerry Crasnick lists nine former top prospects who never quite lived up to their advance billing. One of them, Jose Capellan, had a 10-game fling with the Tigers back in 2007. Another name on the list will probably make Michigan football fans grind their teeth.