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Off-Day/Trade Deadline Open Thread

Okay, at this point, the smart thing to do is probably just post an open thread as kind of a catch-all while we all wait to see if the Tigers are going to make a move on their off-day.

We just saw how itchy people's trigger fingers were on Twitter, where news of Josh Willingham being pulled from the Nationals lineup sent up a surge in speculation. Minutes later, however, it was learned that Willingham was sitting down due to a sore neck (and would even be available to pinch-hit), and not because he was being traded.

Meanwhile, if you didn't know, the Tigers did indeed make a trade, just not the sort we're hoping for. Josh Anderson's blaze out of a Tigers career officially ended with him being traded to the Royals for cash. Maybe that's how the team plans to give out those $300 food credits on party suites.

Of course, if anyone wants to BYOBYB, feel free.