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Have You Voted For Brandon Inge Today?

You're still casting your All-Star votes for Brandon Inge, right? We know typing out those validation codes can wear down those fingers and wrists. But rub on some Icy Hot, do your proper stretches, make sure you're getting your proper combination of protein and carbohydrates, fuel up with some caffeine, and do whatever else you need to do to stay in the game. Because Inge needs you.

Here's your ballot, people. You know what to do.

Inge briefly had the lead in Final Vote polling on Monday night, before Ian Kinsler overtook him again. So a strong push from Tiger Town really could make a huge difference. Dig down, people! We can do this!

In between votes, we also encourage you to check out the posters and banners made by SabreRoseTiger and Samara. (Good at baseball!)

Vote often! Vote Inge!