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Morning Prowl: Bench Armando, Imitating Seay, Guillen in Left, and Bullpen Prospects

Lynn Henning says he would be surprised if Armando Galarraga makes his scheduled start Wednesday night in Boston. Not because he's hurt, but because he's not giving the Tigers a chance to win when he pitches. Henning speculates that either Zach Miner or Chris Lambert will toe the slab, as Mario Impemba would put it, in Galarraga's place.

Note to the FOX Sports Detroit "Tigers Live" crew: If you don't get Fu-Te Ni doing his impression of Bobby Seay on camera for all to see, then what is the point of your show existing? (Even better, maybe you can have Joel Zumaya in the background holding up a picture of Uncle Fester. Don't make him hold the picture up too high, though. Trick shoulder and all.)

As always, Jim Leyland has the last word on the subject in John Lowe's article.

Samara brilliantly - and illustratively - comments on the Fu-Te Ni/Bobby Seay revelations, as well as other recent Tigers news, such as Brandon Inge's developing mustache, at Roar of the Tigers. Sam will also be attending three of the four games at Fenway Park this week, so keep clicking back to see a blogger divided against herself.

Is there a worse idea than putting Carlos Guillen in left field to play in front of the Green Monster? Or might it actually make sense, as Guillen wouldn't have to run around as much (or make long throws) in Boston's shorter left field?

Meanwhile, Leyland says he'd like to use Guillen a bit at third base toward the end of the season, if his shoulder can make the throws. However, Tiger Geist wonders if Guillen should be factored into the mix for second base next spring.

If you're among those who thought (or still think) that Aubrey Huff could be a useful extra bat for the Tigers to pick up, the Baltimore Sun reports that he (along with Melvin Mora) cleared waivers. Actually, the Tigers are mentioned as one of the teams that expressed interest in Huff earlier this year. He's batting .255/.321/.404 with 12 homers and 68 RBIs.

This was addressed in yesterday's GameThread, but for those of you wondering why Alex Avila wasn't used to pinch-hit, it's because Leyland wants to save him to catch later in the game, if necessary.

Ken Rosenthal has an interesting observation about Alex Rios's contract: For the same amount Rios would cost in annual salary, a team could've signed Bobby Abreu, Orlando Hudson, Russell Branyan, and Adam Everett this season. And still had $800,000 left over.

More from Henning: Relievers Cody Satterwhite and Robbie Weinhardt get the spotlight in his weekly minor league report. Satterwhite has 12 saves and a 3.25 ERA, with 47 strikeouts in 44.1 innings at Double-A Erie. Weinhardt has pitched in Lakeland and Erie this season, compiling 58 strikeouts in 48.2 innings and a 1.42 ERA.