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Afternoon Prowl: Tazawa's Intentions, Youk's Temper, Shaughnessy's Delusions, and Porcello's Prowess

Just catching up a bit, as I've been away from the computer for most of the day...

The Freep's John Lowe explains how it's very unlikely that Junichi Tazawa was throwing at Miguel Cabrera deliberately when he hit him on the hand in the first inning last night. You might recall that's what started all the hostilities at Fenway Park.'s Keith Law, however, believes it was silly for Kevin Youkilis to think Rick Porcello was intentionally throwing at him. Porcello was ready to pitch a good game, and a two-seamer ran too far inside. Ultimately, however, Law blames the umpiring crew for overreacting and catering to a Boston crowd that wanted an ejection.

I suppose this was to be expected, but Dan Shaughnessy's take on the brawl in the Boston Globe is hilarious.

The kid righty was backpedaling when a sprinting Youk flung his helmet at him, then wrapped him up and wrestled him to the ground like a baby calf.

Okay, Dan. Whatever you say. Who wrestled who to the ground, again? Mostly, it just gave Shaughnessy an excuse to make a "the Patriots should sign Youk" joke. Har.

Big League Stew wonders if Porcello learned that takedown of Youkilis - note to Mr. Shaughnessy - by watching some UFC.

Samara tries to talk with her hands while blogging at Roar of the Tigers. I'm not sure that works, but she still managed to post some quick thoughts about the fight. And since she was in attendance at Fenway, there will be photos - many photos - to come.

I didn't even know Youkilis had a Twitter account. Fortunately, Detroit4lyfe did, and posted a screenshot on Youk's assorted post-brawl Tweets.

Over at Pinstripe Alley, our buddy jscape2000 says taking exception to inside pitches has been a pattern for Youkilis. Apparently, no one's allowed to pitch inside to Youk. Porcello showed him what he thinks of that, clearly. Maybe he'll be getting Thank You Notes from pitchers around the American League

ShysterBall has a clip of the bodyslam that everyone should probably see. Really, it makes Porcello look even that more impressive.