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Porcello Suspended Five Games

Jason Beck reported on Twitter that MLB handed down its penalities for last night's Fight at Fenway. Both Rick Porcello and Kevin Youkilis were suspended for five games, and both players will appeal the decision.

To reiterate, just so we're all clear, the kid who was attacked for a two-seam fastball running inside is being suspended for the same number of games as the guy with poor emotional self-control who a) charged out to the pitching mound, b) threw his helmet (a move which compels me to use a word I prefer not to post here on the front page), and c) tackled the pitcher with malicious intent.

I understand that Porcello had to get five games, so he could miss a start. (Though I don't feel he should've been suspended at all.) But how does Youkilis not get 10 games? See above paragraph.

UPDATE: According to Ian Browne, Youkilis has dropped his appeal.