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Game 113: Tigers at Red Sox

Zach Miner (5-2, 4.60) vs. Josh Beckett (13-4, 3.12), 7:10 p.m. EST

Okay, back to baseball we go, after last night's drama. One player we know won't be around to play tonight, however, is Kevin Youkilis, who will begin serving his five-game suspension after dropping his initial appeal.

As I write this, Armando Galarraga is still listed as the Tigers' starting pitcher, but that is subject to change. Galarraga was sick with the flu last night, and sent back to his hotel room. He was still scheduled to pitch, but as of approximately 4 p.m. EST, he was seeing a doctor. That doesn't sound promising.

I'm guessing that if Chris Lambert hadn't pitched (and imploded) last night, he would've gotten the nod tonight. But since he's already been used (and subsequently sent back to Triple-A), there really isn't anyone else to take Galarraga's place. It's also possible that Galarragga sitting out because of some rumbly in his tumbly might not play too well in the clubhouse after the 20-year-old rookie body-slammed an opponent to the ground. But that'd just be speculation on my part.

UPDATE: Zach Miner will start tonight's game, as of 4:30 p.m. (via Jason Beck) And Galarraga is actually out with a severe sore throat.

Josh Beckett comes into tonight's game having won his past three starts. And in his last two appearances, he hasn't allowed a single run over 14 innings. Only gave up 10 hits, too. And those starts were against the Yankees and Orioles. He wasn't facing the Mariners or the... um, Tigers. Against Detroit earlier this season, Beckett gave up no earned runs in 7.2 innings, and struck out nine batters. And for 6.2 of those innings, he had a no-hitter going. So this should go well tonight.

Carlos Guillen gets the start at first base tonight, while Miguel Cabrera nurses his bruised hand. Does Jim Leyland remember that he used to play Marcus Thames over there, by any chance? Thames will be the DH and bat clean-up. Adam Everett gets the start at shortstop. Be nice.