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BYOBYB: Off-Day Open Thread

Well, that only took 18 days. After 17 consecutive games, the Detroit Tigers finally get to rest. Winning three of the last four isn't a bad way to go into an off-day. (Of course, they could've made it four out of four, but nooooo.)

A day off means we can do some "BYOBYB," the open thread where you can chat about anything you'd like: What's on your mind about these Detroit Tigers? What about the rest of the AL Central or MLB, in general? Possible topics to bat around:

  • Is there any sense in talking about Magglio Ordonez and his vesting option anymore? Have we reached the point of no return? He's coming back next year, right?
  • Do the Tigers really need to pick up someone who can fill in for Brandon Inge at third base? Or can they live with Ryan Raburn playing over there once or twice a week?
  • Can we stick a fork in the Minnesota Twins? Or are we just naturally inclined to worry about them, no matter what?

Are you really ready for some football? Did you win the action movie vs. chick flick battle at the movies this weekend? Too much watermelon isn't bad for you, is it? This is the place to chat about whatever's on your mind.

There could also be some news about draft picks signing today. I posted an open thread in the FanPosts for that, so it doesn't get lost among whatever else gets discussed here.

Okay, it's all yours, BYB Bunch.