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BYOBYB: Friday Open Thread

With a 10 p.m. EST start for tonight's game between the Detroit Tigers and Oakland Athletics, we've got some time to kill. So for the rest of the afternoon and evening leading up to the first pitch, let's do some BYOBYB.

You're free to post whatever's on your mind, but here are some Tigers-related topics for you:

  • What are your expectations for this six-game road trip? Can two wins be considered a success?
  • The Tigers didn't make a move to give themselves an extra pitcher in the bullpen after yesterday's game. Did either Clete Thomas or Ryan Raburn change any minds in the organization? Or might the team still call up a pitcher after they face a lefty tonight? (Of course, they could make a move while this thread is posted.)
  • With Gary Sheffield pouting because the Mets wouldn't talk about a contract extension, did the Tigers dodge a major minefield by releasing him before the season?

And with that, we'll see you later tonight. Unless you've got better Friday night plans.