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BYOBYB: Off-Day Open Thread

With no Tigers game on tonight, we can do some "BYOBYB," the open thread where you can discuss anything you'd like. Perhaps you'd like to chat about tonight's White Sox-Red Sox game. Can Boston make it a four-game sweep and help push the Tigers to a five-game lead over the White Sox in the AL Central? This can be a proxy GameThread.

Maybe we could talk about Brandon Inge's tattoos. I can't believe a player would get that kind of work done on his arms during the season. But I've also never gotten a tattoo, so maybe doing something like scraping forearms across infield dirt isn't as bad as I think. Those of you who are inked up, please enlighten us.

Or if you're in a more contemplative, less chatty mood, you could check out more photos from Anaheim. Allikazoo posted pictures from Tuesday night's game on her Flickr page. (She also took plenty of photos on Monday night, if you haven't seen those.)

There is also always room for movie talk in an off-day open thread. I know some of you have seen Inglourious Basterds, which I might try to catch tonight. (Although a part of me really wants to view the car wreck that G.I. Joe must be.) Anyone looking to catch one of the horror flicks (Halloween II, The Final Destination) coming out this weekend?

The night belongs to you, BYB Bunch. Make it a good one!