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This Week's Poll: Best Top Three Pitchers in the AL?

I know I've been behind on posting a new poll. Apologies for that. I meant to do one last week, but it got pushed down the list of priorities after chasing all the trade rumors last week.

In light of the trade deadline deal the Tigers made for Jarrod Washburn, there was a lot of immediate talk over whether or not Detroit had the best starting rotation in the AL Central. Until we see what Jake Peavy can give the White Sox this season, I think the answer is a pretty clear yes. (And even with Peavy, where do the White Sox stack up?)

But how does the Tigers' top three of Justin Verlander, Edwin Jackson, and Washburn rank against the rest of the American League? Inspired by a query from Right Off Russell on that very subject, that's going to be this week's poll question:

Who has the best top of the rotation in the American League?

You can find the poll on the right sidebar below the FanPosts block. Or you can vote here. And if you have suggestions for future poll questions, shoot me an e-mail. Please add your thoughts in the comments.

How did our last poll go?

Not too many of us saw this season from Edwin Jackson coming, did we?

What was the biggest first-half surprise for the Tigers?

33% : Edwin Jackson's 2.52 ERA

24% Brandon Inge's 21 homers

7% Fernando Rodney's 19 saves

3% Curtis Granderson's two triples

11% Rick Porcello's eight wins

19% Magglio Ordonez's .673 OPS