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Morning Prowl: Guillen in the Outfield, Who Gets the Call-Up, French Loves Seattle, and Going to Bat For Lloyd

I'm a couple of days late with this, but Jason Beck reports that Carlos Guillen is throwing the ball well and might be ready to play left field by the end of the week.

To me, this presents yet another example of how superficial coverage of the Tigers can be in Detroit. I'm not criticizing Beck. This was the story, and he passed it along. That's his job, and he does it very well. But could someone - anyone - explain why exactly Guillen can throw a ball, but not hit right-handed?

The right arm and shoulder provide the "punch" when you bat from the right side, correct? So Guillen can't do that, yet he can make throws from the outfield? I'm just curious, as a baseball fan. I would like to read that article, and I bet the Boston Globe, for example, would write it about a Red Sox player.

Another catch-up item: Nate Robertson and Jeremy Bonderman are scheduled to begin rehab assignments with Triple-A Toledo tonight. Bondo is set to throw 25 pitches or one inning, whichever comes first. Robertson, meanwhile, is slated for two to three innings or 30-40 pitches.

Both limits give you an idea of the roles the Tigers have in mind for each player if either or both is able to come back.

Lynn Henning runs down a list of prospects who could get a call-up to the big leagues in September. While the Tigers typically haven't added many minor leaguers when rosters can expand, at least a couple of names could provide some help for the stretch run.

Over at Roar of the Tigers, Sam got out the pens and illustrated Clete Thomas's walk-off heroics. This could be a comic book cover. All Clete needs is a cape.

Lloyd McClendon has come under a lot of scrutiny as the Tigers continue to struggle scoring runs. Jim Leyland is sticking up for his hitting coach, however, telling the Oakland Press's Jim Hawkins that perhaps the players need to simplify their approach at the plate right now.

Brandon Inge seems to agree with his manager's assessment, according to Tom Gage. Guys are over-analyzing and "chewing up too much."

Luke French is thrilled to have been traded to Seattle, as he rooted for those Mariners teams with Ken Griffey, Jr., Edgar Martinez, and Jay Buhner while growing up in Colorado.

If you haven't read them yet, check out Take 75 North's thoughts on the Jarrod Washburn trade, particularly the perception of Mauricio Robles and his chances of being a player the Tigers could regret trading.

Old English D attended her first Midwest Sliders game in Ypsilanti over the weekend, and posts an account of her experience. The Sliders are a Frontier League team, playing this season at Oestrike Stadium on the campus of Eastern Michigan University.

I need to get over there, man. When it was announced a minor league team would be playing nearby, I figured I'd go to at least a dozen games. So much for that.

Who is the Tigers' best baserunner? Lee has the answer for you at Tiger Tales, and it just might surprise you.