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BYOBYB: Roster Moves Open Thread

We have to be out of the BYB HQ offices for the afternoon, so we're opening it up to the people. Open Thread for the rest of the afternoon. Possible topics to discuss:

  • Are you excited about the Alex Avila move or a little worried about how he'll be utilized? I'm a bit on the worried side because I don't think Jim Leyland has done a very good job of handling young position players in Detroit. Remember how fast he bailed on Cameron Maybin in 2007? (Although in fairness, Maybin showed that he wasn't ready.) Is Avila going to play behind the plate? Or was he called up for his bat?
  • Who exactly is the left fielder on this team right now? And why has it been so difficult to find one over the past three seasons?
  • Did Jarrod Washburn look as bad as his numbers from last night indicate? Or are we not giving enough credit to what is a pretty fearsome Orioles lineup?
  • Why is a contingent of Mariners fans so intent on following Washburn's progress in Detroit, waiting for him not to succeed so they can gloat about it? Are a bunch of us going to see how Luke French does tonight for Seattle?

You can bring up another topics on your mind, of course. (Especially if anything else happens.) But please try to keep the discussion related to baseball today. There's plenty of Tigers-related stuff to talk about, many questions to bat around. If anyone wants to take the chatter way off-topic today, I'd encourage you to open a FanPost and do your thing there.

Thanks, and we'll see you tonight for the game!