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Game 106: Orioles at Tigers

Jeremy Guthrie (7-10, 5.37) vs. Edwin Jackson (7-5, 2.64), 7:05 p.m. EST

So after calling up Alex Avila to replace Dusty Ryan, presumably for his bat more than anything else, the Tigers don't have him in the lineup tonight? This is my making my head hurt. Jim Leyland said Avila will be in the lineup tomorrow, however, so maybe he just wanted to give their new catcher a chance to acclimate himself to the pitching staff. (Hey, I'm trying to understand.)

Onto those that are playing tonight, Edwin Jackson is winless in his past three starts. Last time out, the Indians worked Jackson hard, continually fouling off pitches and wearing him out. But Jackson's stuff wasn't sharp enough to put those hitters away, either. That was a combination that resulted in a 115-pitch, four-inning night - his shortest outing of the season.

Jackson's start against the Orioles back in May, however, was outstanding. It may have been his best of the year. At Camden Yards he allowed only two hits over eight innings, with seven strikeouts and one walk.

For the Orioles, Jeremy Guthrie is on a two-game winning streak in which he's allowed 11 runs in 13.1 innings. And in his last start, he gave up three home runs to the Red Sox. That's something Guthrie's been pretty good at this year, as he's served up 26 long balls in 21 starts. Two of those were by the Tigers when he faced them in Baltimore. Guthrie struck out 10 Detroit batters, but gave up three runs and seven hits in six innings.