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Game 107: Post-Game Open Thread

The BYB editorial staff actually went to this afternoon's Tigers-Orioles matinee (I'm embarrassed to admit it's the first game I've attended this season), so a recap won't be posted until we get back to the office this evening.

(Or tonight, after a visit to Greektown.)

So we leave it to you, BYB Bunch. How did the Tigers look? Did they finish off a grueling series by winning three out of four? Was Rick Porcello able to pick up where he left off last Saturday in Cleveland? What kind of first impression did Alex Avila make in his major league debut?

Or we could do this Mad Libs style:

Wow, the Tigers looked _____! Porcello had a ________ game, and Avila really _________ me. The lineup scored ____ runs, which really _______ the pitching staff, and the bullpen ______ it in the end.

Give it a try. Full recap later tonight.